Opunake High partakes in the Hospitality programme run by Service IQ.

Service IQ works in partnership with the school to assist us with training students and guidance as to careers in the hospitality area.

In years 11 and 12 we study Career pathways, meat dishes, egg and cheese dishes, fruit and vegetables, finger food, sauces and soups,

Sponges and scones, knife use and care, salads Food safety, grilling, frying, roasting, and sandwiches.

In year 13 we learn about coffee production and complete Barrista training.

Digital Technology

At year 9 this elective module goes for half a year and covers aspects of computer graphics, including the use of Illustrator and Photoshop. Students research, survey and develop a drink label for their own Ginger Beer. Other topics covered are visual programming and spreadsheets.

Senior Digital Technology

At levels one to three students use the Technological Process to research, develop, refine and evaluate a digital outcome to meet a stakeholders requirement. They end up creating a digital outcome. This year level one students are creating an interactive quiz while level two students are creating websites. Student also learn about using spreadsheets and databases.


The graphics program is based heavily on the design process that is used in all types of design industries, both in the more artist streams of graphic design and architecture, to the more practical fields of industrial and product design. By asking students for deeper thinking throughout their graphics practice, it helps prepare them for working within a rapidly changing world, of which the discipline of technology is a huge part of. The work is project-driven and our students are currently running three large-scale projects with which to use this design process in:

  • a land art design brief based around using an influential designers work as a starting point;
  • a product design brief creating objects for use in a feature film;
  • a spatial design brief creating a retreat or other type of building for paid accommodation.

These project briefs give excellent opportunities to use in the design process as we continue to grow in our graphics practice.