DREAM came into existence through consultation with community, local business, feeder schools, kura, kindergarten, parents, staff and most importantly students. The values were grown from the ideas of what a “good person” should look like. From this our students created the DREAM logo.

Over time DREAM has been realised, through visual art, music and drama, community actions, and through the positive behaviours of our students. DREAM behaviours are rewarded with Opz Bucks, a reward system designed by students, for students. These Opz Bucks can be cashed in for camps, kai or local business vouchers.

Realising these values within OHS students is part of our core values to ensure we “grow good people for a rapidly changing world”.


Deliver modern and interesting teaching and learning programmes.


Provide a safe, restorative and positive school environment.

Exceeding Epectations

Promote a culture of achievement by exceeding expectations and meeting individual needs.


Build effective and positive relationships within the school and community.


Build self-pride and pride in the school.