Student Learning through Leading

Giving our rangatahi a chance to lead, and learn through leading could be considered as important as anything they learn in the classroom. Like most schools, Opunake High has a range of opportunities available to our students – from the prestigious Head Boy & Girl and Prefect team and our Student BOT Representative to captaining sports teams or being part of our student DREAM Committee, Peer Support and Hapu Kairahi (House leaders), leadership opportunities are available for our most senior students to our newest.
For some of us leading doesn’t come naturally, so we ensure our students are given assistance and training in this area, each year the outgoing prefects “hand-over” to the incoming ones, and students are taken on leadership camps locally and nationwide such as the Blue Light Leadership camps, Spirit of Adventure and Blake Inspire.

Blake Harkness – Head Boy

Meg Gibson – Head Girl

I am immensely honoured and humbled to have been named Opunake High Schools’ Head Boy for 2020. I look forward to working with and leading our great prefect team in the upcoming year to make some positive developments to the school and community.
I look forward to the challenges involved and I aim to represent our great school to the best of my ability in this role in 2020.
Blake Harkness

Kia ora, I’m Meg Gibson and I’m Opunake High Schools’ Head Girl for 2020. I’m looking forward to a year of growth and achievement for myself, and I’m excited for the challenges ahead.
I’m thrilled to have this opportunity and eager to see where this role will take me in the future. I cannot wait for another fantastic year at Opunake High School filled with academic and sporting achievements, and I’m so proud to be able to be a part of it.
I hope to be a great role model for the students at Opunake High School and lead others to live the dream.
Lia Harrop

Perfect Team 2019

Selected through a vigorous student and staff voting and interview process, every year our prefect team play a significant role in contributing to the life and running of Opunake High School. From organising our school Iwi once a fortnight, to aiding with inter-hapu events, or organising fundraisers, representing the school at ANZAC Day and much more – these student leaders are often called on to lend a hand.
Being a prefect is a privilege and is often a reflection of previous years service to the school and DREAM attributes. Well done all the following students selected to represent the student body in 2019:

The Prefect team in 2020 is: Ariana Dingle, Jackson Henare, Blake Harkness, Kaiah Bloor, Meg Gibson, Emma Wineera, Jamiee Siciliano, Richard Takarua-Hewitt, Danielle Kidd, Tamara Turnbull, Gabriel Broughton, Jayden Churchill, Cody Doherty & Hayley Quinnell

Student BOT Representative

To ensure student voice is heard, every year a student representative is voted onto the Board of Trustees. The role as Student Representative is important so that the views of the entire student body can be articulated to the Board. Elections for the Board Of Trustees student role usually open in September each year, this role requires a lot of effort in service of the school. If students are interested you are encouraged to put your name forward.
Students elected onto the BOT will learn to appreciate the effort that goes into the inner workings of the school and the level of commitment members of our community have invested. The role of the BOT is quite simple, it is to be responsible for setting the school’s strategic direction, along with ensuring that the Boards school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students.
The student representative for 2020 is Pero Brophy.