Te Whare Kura

Mā te kōrero I te reo
E ora ai
Mā te ora o te reo
Ka rangatira

Opunake High School’s Māori department aims to pursue excellence in learning te Reo Māori while creating for students new and exciting pathways in learning the language of our tupuna.

Junior Te Reo Māori

Some of the course available at Year 9 & 10 level includes:
Wānanga Te Kōrero (Public Speaking) – Speaking in public locally and nationally is an awesome way of communicating with our communities throughout the country, and will ensure that what we have to say will be heard with clarity and meaning.

Mai te Tākaro ki te Rewhirī (From Player to Referee) – Through fun and games your learning can be accelerated to a point where you gain knowledge and skill through participation.

Kai Ora (Food that is good for our bodies) – Kai ora nature still provides even after the industrial revolution that lead to the plunder of natural resources globally. Students will discover, investigate, seek food in their local area that provides nourishment and sustenance for their survival.

Manaakitanga (Generosity and care for others) – Taranaki Māori have made a considerable effort over the last 120 years to accommodate other tribes from all over New Zealand to provide manaakitanga to their visitors to the region. Students will participate in the custom and practice of Manaakitanga on a local marae and in their school environment.

Maori Performing Arts (Kapahaka) – Students will learn the history of Maaori Performing Arts from PreEuropean times to the modern day. They will learn how to work together as a team and to perform in front of an audience. The research will include costumes, and tikanga on the marae when engaging in, tangihanga, powhiri, and other important occasions.

Marama, Leilani & Keesha prepping resources before weaving

Senior Te Reo Māori

In Year 11 Maori the focus is on students gaining Level 1 Literacy through reading, writing,
listening, speaking, viewing and presenting achievement standards. There internal and external assessments.

In Year 12, students wll focus on Storytelling, future aspirations, and Iwi and hapu studies
are topics of research at this level.

At Year 13, students will develop an independent course based on Te Ao Whanui.

Te Reo has strong pathways across a range of vocational pathways and is valued in a range of sectors. Possible careers include Radio or TV presenting, translator, teacher, curator, journalist and much more.

Māori Performing Arts

Te Whare Kura also offers learning in Maori Performing Arts at senior levels. Year 11 and 12 students will learn and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in Maori Performing Arts including waiata, poi, haka, whakaraka and haka wahine. Our Year 13 students will research the history of Maori Performing Arts (learning about influencing factors in the historical development) and perform a bracket.