Health & PE

Health & PE covers all things physical, our bodies, sexuality and the science behind it. We have an exceptional teaching team working in this area, with their combined knowledge and abilities offering our students access to all sorts of amazing opportunities such as Tough Guy & Gal, tramps, cycle tours, TOPEC and more.

Physical Education

Year 9 and 10

We want our students to be active for life. Our new junior curriculum topics include; Summer Sports, Winter Sports, Sports Science, Fitness, Outdoor Snapshot and Racquet Sports. Our health topics cover a range of issues relating to teenagers and include; Sexuality, Drugs and Alcohol and Nutrition. We also have the new initiative of a joint PE and Social Studies class with both subjects working together in a sporting context.

Year 11, 12 and 13

Students who choose Senior PE learn the theory associated with a wide range of physical activities. This may include video analysis of sport skills; planning training programmes for performance improvement and is based around practical activities such as Tough Guy and Gal, Tramping and Basketball as well as a variety of others. Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics are explored and the focus is always on applying the theory to the practical situations.

Outdoor Education

We live in the most beautiful and diverse place in the world. Opunake is an outdoor playground; rivers, lakes, the sea, Mount Taranaki, an indoor climbing wall, heated pool, and the list goes on! Our Senior Rec programmes includes Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Camping, Tramping and Cycle Tours.

Health Education

Our Senior Health curriculum focuses on how Hauora relates do a number of different topics. Students research the personal, interpersonal and societal influences on different topics