Opunake High School is proud to launch its new Humanities Learning Area. A combined force of English and Social Sciences, Humanities at Opunake High School aims to create confident writers and speakers of English into truly global citizens with a passion for people and the Environment.

Junior English

Students can choose over 3 courses which prepare them for Level One NCEA and beyond.

We have high interest learning areas including Speaking and Debating, studying famous Criminal Cases and NZ Film. Watch this space though, as this course is up for major changes in 2020!

Senior English

Senior English prepares our students for success in NCEA. Studying a wide variety of interesting texts enables our students to understand how to use English in varied contexts.

Lexi McQuaig picked up a win for her poem at the Ronald Hugh Morrieson Literary awards

Social Science

Junior Social Science caters to our next wave of Geographers, Social Scientists and activists! Studying how people interact with each other and the Environment gives our students a problem based approach to creating solutions for the demands of our ever changing world and society.

Lorin, Lia, Dinah and a couple of really senior students.

Senior History

History at OHS develops confident writers, sound researchers and knowledgeable students. Starting with an in-depth study of Parihaka, Black Civil Rights at level One, leads into an aspect of WWI or WWII at Level Two, the Holocaust and the dropping of the bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Level Three History links all three year levels; as we study the First Taranaki War, Korean Comfort Women and the formation of Israel and Palestine.

Senior Geography

Geography at OHS develops excellent researchers with a passion for the Environment, combined with sound skills in mapping and data analysis.