Social Science



History offers three dynamic courses where students can make links to the community. We have electronic and physical connections with Puke Ariki, the Tawhiti Museum and the Taranaki landscape to enliven the rich heritage of our local area.  History on a global scale is also surveyed with interesting looks at Black Civil Rights and Gandhi’s India, to highlight struggles for independence.


Social Studies

Social Studies looks at people, places, ideas, events and activities from the past to the present.  They key to this area is authentic learning which enables students to work in a wide variety of contexts and produce finished work in many different ways.  All year 9 and 10 students get to experience this area, and the skills that are learned are transferable to all subjects.



Want to learn how the earth operates above, below and on its surface? Then Geography will provide plenty of knowledge.  Add in people and their actions along with changes to the environment you have opportunities to study some of the major issues facing us locally, nationally and globally.  With the technology that is available to us, this has become very much a “Now” subject.