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The ability to communicate with each other is the most powerful tool we have as human beings, and the ability to communicate effectively is something that is vital to success, in whatever career or life path we choose. Communication skills, whether written, visual or oral, developed through studying English, are essential in the modern workplace.

English is the study, use and enjoyment of the English language and its literature. By engaging with text-based activities, students become increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners, writers and readers, presenters and viewers.

Teaching and learning in the English classroom at our school is based on a collective vision which includes all stakeholders in learning, and encourages strong connections with parents and whaanau. 

Programmes reflect the cultural practices of the wider community, affirming and legitimating the culture of the tangata whenua. With the classroom being a ‘whaanau of interest’ students are encouraged to independently, and cooperatively, make choices about their own learning.




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Le Francais 

Yr 9 / 10  French


Bonjour!   This optional one-year course is an introduction to everyday conversational French and French culture.

Topics for study include:

French forms of greetings / Getting to know one another
Our classroom / School life in French speaking countries
Family life, traditions, festivals
Sports /  Hobbies / Fashion / Shopping
French foods
Counting / Telling the Time
Describing the Weather
Visiting Paris / Following directions as a tourist

…and lots more fun activities:  French breakfast, le café francais, number and word games, petanque…


French is one of the important languages of the Pacific region and it is still the most widely taught language after English.  France is the world’s’ number one tourist destination and a favourite destination for NZ rugby players!

Valuable life skills are gained from learning a new language. Click here to find out more.


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