Von Cello

Music students were recently offered the opportunity to have a day with Von Cello, also know as Aaron Minsky. The school was offered this rare chance to invite Von Cello to explain how he had re invented the classical cello to become a rock instrument. After giving up playing lead guitar; as he felt this field had already been conquered by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Von Cello moved his lead guitar skills to the cello. He understood he needed to master the instrument so studied classic cello for 8 long years.

Opunake High school music students listened to a number of his compositions and a fair amount about the history behind cello and the importance of knowing the basic music theory to enhance both your playing and compositions. They then created a music story line narrated by Jevyn. Each part had a musical moment or sound effect. Michael created a clever storm on the drums, Michael McCarthy a family moment, Jacob on Spanish style guitar and Ariana on piano accompanied by Von Cello created a number of other love and death scenes. Finally  Jaxsyn added a majestic but interesting ending on his tuba. Of course a very long ‘jam’ session continued until the narrator called an end to the story.

Thank you to Margaret Mcconachie for offering this wonderful opportunity to our school.

Mrs  Andrea Dingle